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(Nov 30, 2011)
Don't know if anyone still checks here but I'm not dead, getting my Internet back on the 7th or so they say
(May 10, 2011)
If you have trouble viewing a video due to country /copyright lawas i will be posting the to my facebook directly as time permits
(May 10, 2011)
New Heroic Halfus Video is up
(Apr 24, 2011)
Yes I do, everyone has one CMON SON
(Apr 24, 2011)
If anyone was interested, I made a thing to show how I was calling the add spawns on Maloriak. 's in the videos.
(Apr 23, 2011)
I'm surprised you even have a care cup.
(Apr 21, 2011)
Ahhh poor Elwe. MY CARE CUP IS EMPTY
(Apr 19, 2011)
so now i have some sites but no vent or wow
(Apr 19, 2011)
its funny i lost vent and wow at around 10 45 my time i call charter and they are like there is nothing wrong with our servers me and the hindu guy go back and forth for about 30 minutes with him telling me its my fault then comes back and says i'm sorry sir it is our servers they should be back up withing the next 3 hrs till then internet ports may not be dependable or online
(Apr 19, 2011)
anybody watching the nba playoffs?
(Apr 19, 2011)
Hellz yeah. I will watch all of them SON
(Apr 17, 2011)
AHHH ok not that any of u will want to watch them but i'm going to start posting some vids of our encounters on here just fyi
(Apr 11, 2011)
lawl, last shout 54 days ago
(Feb 16, 2011)
(Feb 08, 2011)
I think that I am going to just start posting randomness on the website until someone realizes it and bans me.
(Jan 12, 2011)
ZOMG someone posted something on zee website. I love you Deeeee
(Jan 10, 2011)
Haha! /Bump
(May 09, 2010)
Hey guys grats on the 10 heroic kills sorry i didn't make it back in time I'm really pissed off about it
(May 09, 2010)
Just wanted to drop in and say Hey!!
(May 07, 2010)
7/12 Hero 10 GO GO